Google Cloud untuk Indonesia

"Maju Sama Sama"

Lebih Aman

Standard Keamanan Dari Google Cloud. Infrastruktur Cloud Sepenuhnya Di Manage Oleh Google. Anda Mendapatkan Akses Langsung Ke Google Cloud Console

Lebih Cepat

Saat Ini Telah Tersedia Region Indonesia Untuk Layanan Google Cloud, Dan Terhubung Langsung Dengan Beberapa Network Exchange di Indonesia

Lebih Hemat

Lebih Hemat Dengan Layanan Google Cloud. Infrastruktur Dapat Disesuaikan Sesuai Kebutuhan. Anda Hanya Membayar Layanan Yang Anda Gunakan

Featured Products

Compute Engine

Virtual machines running in Google’s data center

Cloud Storage

Object storage that’s secure, durable, and scalable

Cloud SDK

Virtual machines running in Google’s data center

Cloud SQL

Relational database services for MySQL, PostgreSQL, and SQL server

Google Kubernetes Engine

Managed environment for running containerized apps

Big Query

VData warehouse for business agility and insights

Cloud CDN

Content delivery network for delivering web and video

Data Flow

Streaming analytics for stream and batch processing


Monitoring, logging, and application performance suite

Cloud Run

Fully managed environment for running containerized apps


Platform for modernizing existing apps and building new ones

Cloud compliance

We undergo independent verification of our security, privacy, and compliance controls to help you meet your regulatory and policy objectives. Find details on our full set of compliance offerings, like ISO/IEC 27001/27017/27018/27701, SOC 1/2/3, PCI DSS, and FedRAMP certifications, and alignment with HIPAA, GDPR, and CCPA, among others, in our compliance resource center.

Data privacy

Protecting the privacy of Google Cloud Platform and Google Workspace customers is a priority and codified in our Enterprise Privacy Commitments, which guide our security and privacy practices. Learn more about how we protect privacy and keep you in control in our privacy resource center.

Team cloud Terdiri Dari Engineer Yang Telah Bersertifikasi Google Cloud Platform (GCP) Dan Google Workspace. cloud Juga Merupakan Bagian Dari Nusanet Group, Perusahaan ISP Provider Terkemuka di Indonesia dan Telah Melayani Masyarakat Indonesia Lebih Dari 20 Tahun.

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